Mediation@Work specializes in mediation of employment, construction and business disputes throughout Ohio, including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton.

Why Mediation@Work?

As with all occupations, some mediators are better than others.  No matter what the service that is needed, most people spend at least some time and effort trying to select the right person for the job.  And the more important the job, the more time and effort is spent.

This is particularly important for mediators for two reasons.  First, getting the right mediator is important to your case.  Second, anyone can call themselves a mediator.  There are no education, training, licensing or certification standards.  It is up to the parties and their counsel to set their own standards.  At Mediation@Work, we have committed ourselves to being the best possible mediators by undergoing professional mediation training through some of the best programs in the United States.   We know through our experience as mediators that this professional training makes the difference.

Before becoming mediators ourselves, we learned much from the mediators on our cases.  But mostly we have learned what NOT to do.  Some mediators waste valuable mediation time because they have walked in unprepared without spending the time necessary to learn the case.  They do not know anything about the area of the law.  They are too soft and don’t know how or when to approach a party about the negative aspects of their case.  They over step their boundaries and try to pre-judge the case in an effort to force the settlement that they see as appropriate and then become indignant when someone disagrees.   They see the process as about them and their success rate rather than about the parties.  They disclose confidential information.  They say or do something that unnecessarily alienates or offends one side, or even both sides.  They try to move too fast, asking for a bottom line within the first half hour.  Or worse, they move too slow and never seem to get around to it.  They become enamored with the “big picture” process rather than focusing on the end result, and “do not see the trees for the forest”.   They either give up too quickly, or they needlessly prolong the mediation when there is no realistic prospect for settlement that day.  So often, if the case settles at all, it is despite the mediator instead of because of the mediator.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? 

At Mediation@Work, we are committed to doing better.  Our formula for success is simple.

  • Trained and Experienced Mediators.  We have committed the time necessary to become better mediators by undergoing professional mediation training at some of the best and most respected training programs offered in the United States.  While our mediators each have over 35 years of litigation experience, we recognize that being a good mediator requires a different skill set than being a good attorney. 
  • Subject Matter Expertise.  We are called Mediation@Work because we focus on mediation of the kinds of workplace disputes that we know best.  We believe that a familiarity with the law involved in the dispute can be critical in understanding the dispute and helping the parties develop creative solutions.  As mediators, we bring our expertise to the table to help resolve your disputes.
  • Preparation.  We pride ourselves in being prepared.  We try to “hit the ground running” to maximize productivity and efficiency on the day of mediation.  One of the ways we do this is to review your pre-mediation submissions and do our best to understand the case and the positions of the parties and attorneys walking in the door.  When possible, we communicate with the attorneys before the day of the mediation to see what we can do to make the mediation process productive and efficient.
  • Flexibility.  The mediation is not about us and what we want.  It is about the parties.  Every case is different, and we have the flexibility to adjust to the specific needs of each case.  We understand that the timing of mediation is critical, and scheduling of mediation many months in advance sometimes makes little sense.  Depending on the schedules and needs of the participants, we make ourselves available for mediation on short notice—within weeks rather than months.  While we make suggestions to facilitate the mediation process, you decide what to submit in advance of the mediation.  If desired by all parties, we will interact with the judge if an adjustment in the case schedule will help promote a successful mediation.  We also offer several flexible fee arrangements designed to meet your needs.

Training  +  Experience +  Preparation +  Flexibility.    That’s Mediation@Work!

Mediation@Work specializes in mediation of employment, construction and business disputes throughout Ohio, including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton.