Mediation@Work specializes in mediation of employment, construction and business disputes throughout Ohio, including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton.

Our Fees

For the convenience of the parties and their counsel, we offer a variety of fee arrangements designed to suit your needs.  Contact us for details.

Complimentary Pre-Mediation Consultation

Selecting a mediator is a serious decision that is not to be made lightly.  Furthermore, choosing the right time to mediate, and other mediation arrangements, may mean the difference between success or failure.  Pre-planning for mediation at an early stage in the dispute can save time and money later.  If you would like to just talk to us about your case to get our thoughts on mediation, send us an email or give us a call.  There is no cost or obligation unless and until the parties or their counsel decide to retain us.  That’s Mediation@Work!

Post-Mediation Day Follow Up

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the parties reach an impasse on the day of the formal mediation session.  This does not mean the case is not going to settle.  It just means the case is not going to settle that day!  If it is justified by the circumstances and everyone consents, we will keep the mediation open after the formal mediation session and periodically follow up with emails or phone calls to see if we can be of further service.  Frequently, after the formal mediation session, some event breaks the impasse and paves the way to a successful settlement.  This mediator-initiated follow up enables the parties to re-engage in settlement discussions without the common fear that the other party will view it as a sign of weakness.  Furthermore, if done properly, keeping the mediation open has the additional potential advantage of cloaking settlement discussions with mediation confidentiality.   No matter which fee option you choose, we do not charge for mediator-initiated follow ups unless the parties take further advantage of our services and eventually reach settlement.  We will stick with it as long as necessary and do not give up easily!  That’s Mediation@Work!

Hourly Fee

Unless otherwise arranged, most mediations are conducted at an hourly rate agreed to in advance.   In the event of cancellation, there is no fee other than for the time actually incurred.  For mediation sessions involving a full day or more, we do not charge travel time anywhere within the state of Ohio.  We offer a reduced hourly rate for mediations conducted in Montgomery County.

Flat Fee

For budgeting purposes, some parties prefer a flat fee.    With that in mind, we offer a flat fee for one-day mediations.    While we can custom design a flat fee for your case, a normal flat fee typically includes:

  • Up to 3 hours of pre-mediation planning and preparation.
  • A “full day” of mediation-as long as it takes!
  • Up to 2 hours follow up after the day of mediation.

Please contact us for details.

Just In Time (JIT) Mediation

The Just in Time, or “JIT” system is a management system in which materials or products are produced or acquired as demand requires, resulting in cost efficiencies. We have borrowed this concept from the business world to offer a Just In Time dispute resolution alternative: Cost effective  mediation now rather than later.  That’s Mediation@Work!

Our JIT Mediation option offers these key benefits:

  • $375 per side flat fee!
  • Expedited mediation-normally within two weeks’ notice! No burning of attorney fees and expenses waiting for the court to schedule a mediation.
  • Opportunity for busy attorneys and parties to attend part or all of the mediation remotely by agreement, thereby limiting substantial “down time” and related cost associated with traditional mediation.
  • Ideal for resolution at the early litigation or pre-litigation stages.
  • Great for expedited mediations prior to trial or other critical case events.     
  • The same professionally trained and experienced mediators that you have come to expect from Mediation@Work.

We are sensitive to the fact that it is important to make mediation cost effective for less complex disputes with less money at stake.  If those disputes are not resolved at an early stage, it is not unusual for the combined attorney’s fees and expenses to exceed the amount in dispute.  In the end, nobody wins.

For disputes that are in litigation, we know that some courts offer low cost mediation through the court system.   The mediators involved in those programs vary in their training, experience and effectiveness. Furthermore, because it sometimes can take months to secure a mediation date through the courts and the case must go on in the meantime, a low cost private mediation by a trained and experienced mediator now may be more cost effective than a free mediation later.

Contact us to see if JIT mediation is right for your dispute!

Volunteer Mediation Services

Dave and Steve strongly believe in freely giving back to the community where we live and work.  Sometimes resolution of a dispute is important to our community and not just to the parties.  If we can be of service in resolving these disputes, our doors are open.  To qualify, at least one community leader, judge or government official that is not affiliated with a party to the dispute must join in the request for our assistance.  Please feel free to contact us for details.  Community Service in Action - That’s Mediation@Work!

Mediation@Work specializes in mediation of employment, construction and business disputes throughout Ohio, including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton.